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Curating 'Beyond the Red Carpet' Exhibition

the situation

In a bold and innovative move to redefine trophies as art, Anna Stallmann Communications (ASC) spearheaded the meticulous planning and execution of an unprecedented awards-as-art exhibition titled “Beyond the Red Carpet: Iconic Awards and Artistic Collaborations” at the Mint Museum Uptown in Charlotte, NC. Our client, Society Awards, sought to increase awareness of their role in crafting some of the world’s most renowned trophies while positioning them as pieces of art worthy of admiration.

photo of Society Awards "Beyond the Red Carpet" exhibition sign
Society Awards logo

the project

ASC recognized the pivotal need to demonstrate that trophies transcend mere recognition and embody artistic merit. To achieve this, we pitched the concept of the exhibit to the Mint Museum, a collaboration that would lend credibility and prestige to the message Society Awards aimed to convey. Over 15 months, our team in collaboration with our trusted creative partners, meticulously planned every facet of the 12-week exhibition. From branding and marketing initiatives—including an opening night party, strategic placements within the Charlotte Airport, billboards, rail signage, and other out-of-home assets—to the development of a mobile app allowing visitors to delve deeper into the artistry behind 175 trophies, no detail was overlooked.

the results

ASC managed the curation and interior design of the exhibit, ensuring that each trophy was presented in a manner befitting its status as a work of art. Descriptions for every displayed trophy were meticulously crafted to provide context and insight into the craftsmanship behind each piece.

The exhibition’s grand opening gala marked the culmination of months of planning and preparation. Throughout its duration, ASC orchestrated a series of smaller events aimed at introducing the Society Awards brand to new stakeholder audiences.

The “Beyond the Red Carpet” exhibit garnered significant media coverage, elevating Society Awards’ profile and solidifying its position at the intersection of art and achievement. By seamlessly integrating branding, storytelling, and experiential elements, ASC demonstrated our ability to conceive and execute innovative communication strategies that drive tangible results.

Through brand activation (the exhibition) the team created a new genre of art—awards as art.


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