Communications Trends That Will Shape 2022

2021 continued to bring about unpredictable changes. From a communications perspective, it highlighted the importance of an innovative strategy that can pivot and be adapted to optimize the reach and impact of your message despite ever changing circumstances. Digital played a key role for the brands that excelled.  

We believe uncertainty and the need for timeliness and speed in responding to unanticipated events will be key in shaping business communications, grounded in a digital approach, in the coming year. Here are our top three predictions to expect in 2022.   

Video Growth

Whether it be through social media, ads, or your own website, video content can help take your communications strategy to the next level, and this will continue to be the case in 2022. Eye catching videos allow for you to get your message out in a more interactive way and can easily be linked and shared across various social platforms. As opposed to a static image, video content has a higher likelihood of both attracting and engaging new audiences while also maintaining your existing audience. The sound and visual aspects of a video will make the viewer more likely to not only listen until the end but also want to engage further by learning more about the message you are trying to deliver or by sharing your content on social media.  Pro tip – always consider adding in subtitles or visual keywords into your video to ensure an audience can comprehend the message with or without sound. 

Increase in Digital Ads

In the coming year, our world will be even more mobile and subject to constant change in the business realm and beyond, resulting in an increase in the importance of digital ads to reach consumers where they are. Digital ads can be customized and targeted to specific audiences, but when the amount of such content consumers are exposed to is so plentiful, differentiation is key. Customizing your ads and making them as interactive as possible will make them more likely to stand out to your potential audience. Additionally, making sure your ads are relevant to the content of the platform they’re placed on will result in higher recognition rates. Finally, a key to a successful digital ad strategy is learning how to evolve. Don’t rely solely on easy solutions for a short time frame, utilize data and analytics to build out the strategy for your content and reach the most optimal audience possible.  Ad platforms will continue to evolve and adapt their policies, so be sure to include differentiation and variety in your strategy. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket as they say.

C-Suite Content

To stay informed in rapidly changing conditions, business leaders must engage with decision makers, industry stakeholders, and other executives. Creating content to engage the C-Suite will be a top priority in 2022 as a way to build your professional reputation in your industry, grow your brand, and expand your network. As with digital ads, creating content is just the first step. What you say, how you say it, and your ability to stand out in order to ‘break through the noise’ are just as important. C-suite audiences tend to engage most with and learn from peers, and are more likely to gravitate towards content that has a unique or innovative point of view. Options for such content include interactive virtual events such as round table discussions, speaker series, and webinars. LinkedIn should also be utilized for long form articles and thought leadership. Relevant topics include sharing perspective on reports, industry insights, predictions, and reflections on your career path or professional experience. However, it is essential a business leader is well-positioned to provide that insight. The first step should always be knowing your brand message and the white space for you to own. Identifying that will enable richer and more meaningful content development. 

As you go into 2022 and build your communications strategy, the key is being intentional. A strong and consistent message provides a foundation needed in order to utilize the above trends to your advantage to continue to grow your brand in this year and beyond.  

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