Anna Stallmann: Leading the Way on Boss’s Day

“Do not follow where the path may lead. Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.”
– Ralph Waldo Emerson

Today is Boss’s Day, a time to recognize exceptional leadership within a company or organization. Here at ASC, we consider ourselves grateful to be led by one of the best. Each and every day, we’re grateful to be gently guided and inspired by Anna Stallmann, our CEO and Managing Principal. 

With a nod to Anna’s leadership today (and every day), we took a few moments as a team to reflect on what three characteristics encompass meaningful leadership and how we see Anna embracing these attributes on a regular basis.

What Good Leaders Do (and Anna Does)

Empower Teams

There’s nothing quite as frustrating as being tasked with a goal, only to have the activities and tasks associated with reaching said goal micromanaged by a leader. Anna thoughtfully empowers our team, using trust as the cornerstone. Trusting your team to do their jobs well and then empowering them to get results is a skill that can pay incredible dividends for both client and employee satisfaction and growth.

Embrace Authenticity

Employees and clients alike value authenticity, but embracing it in a work environment is sometimes easier said than done. Anna embraces authenticity in all that she does, and one example of this is highlighted in an interview she did earlier this year with Authority Magazine. She uses authenticity in both her storytelling abilities and leadership style, which subsequently encourages others to do the same.

Encourage Creative Solutions

Some work days are hard, and creativity can help. Our team appreciates that one of Anna’s unique approaches to challenges is her encouragement of creative solutions and problem-solving by her team. She is dismissive of red tape and stale ways of approaching road blocks, and instead empowers our team to think creatively about solutions to the problems at hand. This approach has a positive effect on not only final client deliverables, but also our company culture. Finding creative solutions to the challenges at hand inevitably leaves us with a stronger, happier team culture and the ability to deliver consistently strong results for our clients.

Last, but certainly not least, we share a few of our favorite things about the way Anna leads Team ASC.

What’s your favorite thing about the way Anna leads our team?

Katie: She trusts her team and empowers us to act autonomously in ways that truly care for our team and clients.

Beth: She is thoughtful and mindful about our needs and interests, and provides flexibility where needed.

Mae: She’s invested in ensuring we are individually and collectively set up for success.

Kristen: Anna is not only an inspirational leader leading by example through her incredible work ethic and prioritization of our clients, but she truly puts the needs of her team first and cares about us as individuals.

Leah: Anna is an incredibly inspiring and supportive leader! She consistently guides us to reach our full potential while empowering us as a team and fostering a motivating work culture.

Ann Carter: Anna’s work ethic is inspiring, her motivation is contagious and she never fails to lead by example.

Caroline: She cares about her employees both personally and professionally!

Catherine: Anna effortlessly brightens any room with her confidence and professionalism, while treating her employees like they’re part of her own family.

Yesenia: Anna is a driven visionary who leads with compassion.

This Boss’s Day, we encourage you to reach out to the deserving leaders in your life and communicate your gratitude and recognition for the work they do and the impact they have on your life.

Anna – Thank you for all that you do for Team ASC! We appreciate you.

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