Three Tips for a Great Headshot with Amanda Anderson

By: Mae Young, Communications Account Director

Let’s talk about your headshot. If you don’t have one, you need one. A professional headshot is an easy way to represent yourself on any platform. It’s a reflection of how you present yourself in-person, and gives potential clients or customers an idea of who you are. A great headshot can represent you as a professional who is keen enough to be aware of their image. A bad headshot can make you seem out of touch. That doesn’t mean you need to look like Brad Pitt or Kim Kardashian. You want to look like yourself – but put together, as you would for an important business meeting. 

If you’re wondering if it’s time to update your headshot – it probably is. In fact, we recommend updating your headshot yearly. To some, updating a headshot yearly can seem excessive, but we like to think it keeps your image fresh. An outdated headshot that no longer reflects what you look like can come across as misleading. 

An ASC client and creative partner, Amanda Anderson – owner of Amanda Anderson Photography and A Print Shop – shared her top three tips for a great headshot experience. Given that Amanda is an incredibly talented photographer, we highly encourage you to heed her advice! 

1. Keep it simple and natural.

The more comfortable you are, the better your headshots will turn out! I always encourage clients to keep things simple by choosing solid colors that work with their skin tone. Avoid bright white and stripes. This will help you stand out, so the focus is on you and not what you’re wearing.

2. Practice that smile in the mirror (I promise it helps!)

Focus on lengthening your neck and slightly pushing your head forward with your chin tilted gently downward- this will create a solid jaw line that you’ll love. We call this “turtling” and I promise, it works!

3. Trust your photographer!

We’re here to help you look and feel your best. From lighting to posing to boosting your confidence, a great photographer will have you covered and make you feel like a million bucks!

Here are some other helpful tips from Amanda to keep in mind when preparing for your headshot: 

  • Wear solid colored clothing, as solids tend to be more flattering and less distracting. In general, you want solid-color and high-contrast outfits. For example, white shirt and dark blue blazer, light blue shirt and black blazer, or white shirt and black blazer etc.
  • Jackets/Blazers and collared shirts are recommended for a more professional/polished look, but no need for a tie.
  • Try to avoid any large pieces of jewelry. Avoid logos or badges on either your shirt or jacket.
  • Make sure your clothes are ironed and/or without wrinkles.
  • Drink lots of water, and avoid excessive salt the night before photos.

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