​​What is Influencer Relations?

By Katelyn Rutt, ASC Influencer Relations Specialist 

Learn how it works and why influencers should have a place in your brand strategy

If you’ve ever used a social media platform like Instagram or TikTok, you’ve likely seen an influencer promoting a product or service. Perhaps it was a post about a new restaurant or hotel, or a video showcasing glowy results from a skincare launch.

You may have thought, “That’s interesting, but….”: 

“I’m not sure influencer relations apply to my business type.” 

“My business might be too small to work with influencers.”

“I have no idea how to put together an influencer relations strategy for my business.”

The world of influencer relations can feel daunting, but those who take the leap gain a unique edge in marketing. We’re here to provide answers to some of the most common FAQs about influencer relations and how it can enhance your business strategy. 

What are Influencer Relations?

Simply put, the term “influencer relations” refers to a partnership between a business and an influencer with a similar mission, niche, or visual style. There are a few primary influencer niches like fashion, food, and wellness, but the list is endless. No matter your business, chances are there’s an influencer (or three) who are already creating engaging content in your niche.

In a partnership, a business will either provide monetary compensation or an exchange of a certain value for the influencer creating the promotion. However, the ultimate goal shouldn‘t be one-off partnerships—it’s about building long-term relationships and brand advocates.

Who Should Engage Influencers?

The answer: Businesses of any size or kind who are looking for a new way to boost their digital strategy, brand awareness, and reach. A 2023 study discovered that 61% of consumers trust influencer recommendations more than those of a brand. From hospitality brands to products and services, any business can benefit from the authenticity and creativity brought by influencer relations. 

How Does it Work?

One of the first steps in the process is determining your long-term goals, whether you want an increased following, to reach a new demographic of customers, or something entirely unique. A PR firm that specializes in influencer relations will be able to put together a list of proposed influencers, create a strategic plan around your desired area of growth, and serve as a liaison between you and your influencers.

Ultimately, influencer relations work by: 

  • Exposing your business to a new audience
  • Allowing influencers to tailor the presentation of your product or service in a way that will best connect with their audience
  • Sparking an organic brand conversation
  • Helping you gain key insight into customer feedback and brand perception
  • Saving money on your content budget
  • Providing a regular source of content for website or marketing use, or social media repurposing
  • And so much more

How Can ASC Help?

Today, earned media and brand content will only go so far. Influencer relations allow your business to strengthen credibility, learn valuable customer insight, and extend the reach of products and services in an exciting new way.

ASC is not your typical PR firm. We are constantly learning and adding cutting-edge capabilities to our firm that will benefit our wide range of clients. We are excited to now offer influencer relations, which includes goal-setting, strategizing, and setting up your business for influencer success. We’ve retained Katelyn Rutt, a Charlotte-based content creator, to join our firm as a specialized consultant to help us refine and deliver on this offering. 

Please join us in welcoming her, and contact us if we can help you establish your influencer program today.

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